About us

Stadtführung Rebellisches Berlin

After her studies in political science and philosophy, Drea discovered her interest in history behind the scenes. She likes to get to the bottom of things and to not only look at what one sees at first sight in Berlin, but also at its history from different angles.
Drea is passionate about tours about topics such as protest history, resistance against National Socialism, women’s history and queer history. Since 2008 she has been working for various memorials and museums in Berlin.
In addition to her native language German, she speaks English and Spanish.

Jessica has been guiding Tours in Berlin for the past ten years. After completing her Bachelor in International Studies and her Master in Migration and Ethnic Studies, she came to Berlin and was fascinated by the variety of historical events and the cultural diversity that continue shaping this city. The history of protest movements, Jewish history, resistance against National Socialism and the history of migration are her favorite topics. She is bilingual in German and English and fluent in Spanish and Dutch.